A Night of Softball

Outfield:  Ready for Anything
Outfield: Ready for Anything

Tonight we played another of our weekly softball games and actually remembered to bring the camera. Mom & Dad came up from the Springs for the game, so I had dad take a lot of pictures – he got some great action shots!! Here are a couple of shots:


Zach hitting a homerun – he hit two homeruns tonight!!!  In our league, you can’t hit the ball over the fence or it’s an out, so Zach has gotten really good at hitting the ball to the fence, but letting it drop inside the field – and tonight, he rounded all the bases to make it home and make two perfect home runs – along with a lot of RBIs.


Here’s another cool action shot – Lori hitting the ball… she’s picked up on her form!

Zach and I both hit really well tonight (so did the rest of the team too!) and we also fielded some great balls too. We each had one of those “oh my goodness” catches in the outfield. Lori caught a fly ball coming to left field that was curving so much she thought she wouldn’t get it – but she snagged that one right up and got that guy out!!! Zach caught a really cool fly ball – when the women bat, we move up to a white line in the outfield (the closest we can get to the infield) and this lady his a ball and it was coming at Zach and he just jumped and snagged the fly ball – it was pretty sweet looking! Of course, everyone else on the team had some really good catches – especially Zach’s cousin Jessica who played 2nd base tonight! It was a super fun game – and more to come!! We go out to the fields with uncle Rick and Jessica & Curtis occasionally to practice which has definitely paid off! Only a few more games this season – we’ll definitely spend some more time practicing!