A new way to Cool Off

Cooling off the House
Cooling off the House

We’ve searched high and low to find a ceiling fan big enough for our family room… and we found one this weekend! It’s a 68 inch fan!! So we bought it and had to rent a 14 foot A-frame ladder from Home Depot to install it! It was quite interesting brining the ladder home… you’d think with with a big truck we’d be golden, but the ladder was longer than the truck!! So Zach sat in the back to hold it down, while I drove home. Good thing Home Depot is only a few miles away! We love our new fan… it’s got some interesting shaped blades and gives us some great cool air! We haven’t even turned on our air conditioner yet!! Yeah for Colorado weather!!! We love it here!

Look at the huge ladder – this is from UPSTAIRS!

Installing the new fan!

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