A Long Week…

Team Ramrod:  This is our softball team
Team Ramrod: This is our softball team

Well, the last time we posted anything was at midnight on the night before I flew to Salt Lake City for a day. I flew out of DIA at 6:10 am (which means I left the house at 3:45, which means I got up around 3 – only 3 hours after going to sleep after installing our shower door!). I had a few meetings in SLC, then headed home and made it back for our last 2 softball games of the Spring season. Boy was that a long day! We finished in 2nd place in the league, maybe we’ll get 1st this summer!!

I think the crazy long day, plus the crazy busy 3 weeks before that of remodeling our master shower wore me out – I slept all weekend! I was supposed to go with my mom to the Beth Moore conference in the Springs on Friday and Saturday, but felt so awful that I stayed home and slept instead. I’m glad I got the sleep, but sad that I missed out on the conference with my mom. Two young married couples at church both had babies this past week, so we went to visit them on Sunday! So cute!!

Monday morning, Zach headed to Harrisburg, PA for a quick trip to check out some really cool planes that we use for work. He came back Wednesday afternoon, in enough time for me to come home from work a little early to hang out before our church small group meeting.

Work has been pretty crazy, but we have enjoyed relaxing a little bit more at home since we finished working on our shower (which is fantastic – the shower AND relaxing!). Cool stuff going on in the next few weeks include the start of summer softball, golf league and more small group activities.

Stay tuned for fun!