A Great Week – Despite Fussiness


This has been a great week! Last Sunday, we thought maybe Ellie was teething. She was drooling more than usual and was a little fussy… and it was a different kind of fussy. I put some teething gel on her gums at bedtime and we figured it would be a long night! 10 minutes later, she was asleep – with two little peeps at 45 minutes – and that was it!!


Monday morning we woke up to no teeth but I got the nice surprise of getting to see Ellie roll over – from back to tummy – while playing on the floor!! She rolled over and was on top of her arm – then all of the sudden she pulled it out and was completely on her tummy! That was so exciting!

For one of her naps Monday, she had a really hard time going down – more so than normal. I gave her some teething gel again and within a few minutes she was asleep. Coincidence? I don’t know, but I went ahead and gave her more at bedtime again. Monday night – 10 minutes of crying and she was out. Two nights in a row… Zach and I started to feel like this was the new normal! What a nice break from an hour of crying every night. Now we can enjoy our evening together without having the stress of a screaming baby! We could get used to this!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights… same thing – about 10 to 20 minutes of crying and she was out! She started waking up a lot more at night (like every one and a half to two hours). She seemed like she wasn’t feeling well, so I went ahead and fed her (to help soothe her) so she would go back to sleep. Every morning we woke up and I expected to see a tooth — but STILL no tooth! I don’t get it. She isn’t acting normal – she’s got to be teething!!


This weekend was a marriage retreat for our church. We went to Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. We left Ellie with my parents in the the Springs. We figured if she was less than an hour from us, it would be better for us to come see her if we needed to. She had a kind of rough night on Friday (she missed her mommy & daddy!) but by Saturday morning she was doing great and had a wonderful Saturday night (waking up only once). Grammy & Papa loved the time with her!! The retreat was great for us! We’ve been really bad about getting to church since Ellie came along. She doesn’t wake up at the same time every day, she doesn’t always want to eat when she first wakes up and then nap time is pretty quick after she wakes up — all those things make it hard to “plan” to go to church without meltdowns. Since we’ve missed church so much, we’ve missed our young marrieds class! We’ve continued to see our small group quite a bit, but haven’t seen our other friends enough! Seeing other couples in our class was great and the speaker for the retreat was GREAT! We learned a lot and really enjoyed the time there. We definitely missed Ellie, but it was a super weekend!


Tonight, Ellie had hard time. She fussed a bit more than normal – she seemed like she didn’t feel great, so we gave her some Pediacare and she eventually went down alright. Hopefully she sleeps okay tonight! She had been doing great sleeping – okay, not GREAT, but good compared to her past habits. For about a week she was only waking up twice at night (I can handle that) but then once she started feeling yucky this week, she woke up every hour and a half to two hours. It’s been rough! Since she slept so great last night I’m hoping she’ll do the same tonight and get back into that good habit!

Still no teeth… but she has just the cutest grin! Let’s hope a tooth pushes through soon… I don’t like hearing her fussiness and knowing that she’s hurting!


I’m betting in the next few weeks, Ellie will be sitting up all by herself! She’s doing great with some assistance… every day she gets stronger!

Ellie finally found her left foot! She’ll grab both of them now when she’s laying on the floor and just this weekend she started sucking on her left foot when her diaper is off!


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