A Great Day for Hitting The Slopes

Us at the top of Copper Mountain. The lady that took our picture said she was a journalism teacher – so she made sure to center us on 1/3 of the picture – because that’s how all pictures should be taken! Guess we picked the right person to ask to take our pictures!

Today was our off-Friday and possibly the last time we’ll get to hit the slopes before the end of the season. Copper Mountain closes next Saturday – so we’ll see if we get a chance to skip work one day next week to get in our last day of passes.


The weather in April is always perfect!! Nice snow and warm weather! We’ve really enjoyed Copper this year, even though we’ve only gone there three times times this year! Zach always skis and I switch between skiing and snowboarding each time – depending on the day. So today I snowboarded and it was a blast! There weren’t a lot of people there – which makes it more fun to be able to fly down the slopes and not have to try to watch out for and dodge a lot of people! Zach and I have lots of fun when we go up with friends and when we just go up by ourselves. When we go with friends, we all stop every few hills down the mountain to make sure we regroup and we usually stop for lunch, etc. But when we go up by ourselves, we fly down the mountain, wear ourselves out and usually leave in about four hours with no lunch break.  By the time we get back to the car, we’re refreshed and content with our day’s activities!


A funny thing we realized today is that any time I drive anywhere, we never get stuck in traffic. Zach drives everywhere most of the time, so we don’t have a strong sample to base this hypothesis on, but we do know that any time I’ve driving him to the airport or drive downtown for some reason – there’s been no traffic. The past few years, Zach has always been the one to drive up for a day of skiing – even though we take my SUV (because it has a ski rack). So today we thought we’d test our hypothesis. So I drove and sure enough, it took us a little over an hour to get to Copper and a little over an hour to get home – with absolutely no traffic! Guess that means I should drive more!

Today was a blast and if we don’t get to go up one more time this season, then we are really excited about next season! Hopefully we won’t be traveling so much next season and will be able to get a season pass to Copper & Winter Park. We love Colorado!!!