A Day for a Drive in the Mountains – In Utah

Bear Lake, Utah
Bear Lake, Utah

So we were both in Salt Lake City this week for work and we worked crazy long hours, but at least we were together. We actually got today off and our boss told us about a place called Bear Lake. It’s about a 2 hour drive north-east of SLC and he thought the trees would be changing and it’d be a fun thing we’ to do out here on a day off.

So we slept in this morning, of course, since we can’t even remember when the last time was that we got to sleep in! Then we headed north and followed the directions to get to Bear Lake. Half of the drive was up I-15 then we turned into the mountains. The road through the mountains was a beautiful drive along a river! As you can see in a few of these pictures, the trees WERE changing colors!! We expected yellows and oranges… but some of them were RED! It was beautiful!! Of course we didn’t bring our camera since we were on business travel, but luckily the phone on Zach’s camera takes decent photos!!


It was hard to get a decent photo of all the gorgeous trees, but these will have to do! Here’s another one along the road with a bit more of a wide angle:


Once we got through Cache National Forest, we reached the top of the mountain and saw the awesome view of Bear Lake!! So we followed the road down and drove along the side of the lake and kept driving until we hit Idaho!! Yep, we went to Idaho today!!! I’d never been to the state at all and Zach had only been to Boise once for work… so we got to visit Idaho together today! It’s kind of silly to be excited about such a thing, but we want to visit all the states together. We only drove up the road about 15 miles before we turned around… but it’s cool to say we went to Idaho in a day.

We headed back towards the main town of Bear Lake and stopped at a “Drive-in” that said they have famous raspberry shakes. The funny thing is, there are about 4 hole-in-the-wall restaurants in this town and they all say they have “The Famous Raspberry Shakes”! Apparently Bear Lake has a Raspberry Festival at the end of August every year – it’s a great place to grow raspberries I guess. So we had one of the famous shakes and it was SO GOOD!

It had rained on us off and on during this little road trip, so as we were leaving and wanted to take a picture of the lake from a scenic overlook – we caught an awesome rainbow! Enjoy the pictures!


A view from the top – half of Bear Lake is in Utah, the other half (to the left) is Idaho!