A Busy Weekend

37 Weeks
37 Weeks

For a weekend that we expected to be a little laid back, we sure were busy! I had my 37-week doctor’s appointment on Friday; it was uneventful – which is good! We stayed busy the rest of the day and then made up four batches of chicken enchiladas for a dinner with our small group and a service project. We decided at the last minute to smoke two whole chickens for the enchiladas – which made the enchiladas so much better!

On Saturday, we did enjoy sleeping in – since it’s one of the last few  weekends we can do that! We spent a few hours at Arts on Fire – a make and paint your own pottery place – making an ornament. I wanted to get a customized Christmas ornament with our names and our baby girl’s name on it – and I couldn’t get a hold of the people who I’ve gotten such ornaments from in the past. Zach’s idea was to go make one – so we did. It was fun to paint it and we can’t wait to see how it comes out!

Here’s a picture of me painting it…


And a picture of the unfired paint on the ornament… of course we did some editing on the computer to remove her name 🙂


We’ll post a picture next week of the final product.

Saturday afternoon, Zach did some winterizing – blowing out the sprinklers and putting away the canopy on the gazebo. If it snows this week, we’ll be prepared! I spent the afternoon packing our hospital bags and getting other last minute baby things ready.

Sunday, after church, we spent three hours at a baby safety class at the hospital. We had our parents come with us so they could learn too! It was quite overwhelming, but so informative.

Today we also bought two Christmas ornaments from Hallmark. We get one every year, so we got one that  we can put a picture in of our family of three! Then we got our little girl her first Christmas ornament. I can’t wait to get her an ornament every year – it’ll be so fun when she can start picking out out that she likes! We also bought her baby book – so we can take it to the hospital to get her feet and hand prints done. We ran some other errands and are just trying to relax a little bit before the work week begins again. Three work weeks left… wow!! We can’t wait until she’s here!!!