A Bun in the Oven

Here's the first portrait of our baby!
Here’s the first portrait of our baby!

That’s right –  a Baby… we’re gonna have a baby! Here’s the story…

When Zach and I got married, we knew we wanted to have a family someday. It was definitely in our plan, but we didn’t know when we’d decide to take that next step. In April of 2009, it became very clear to both of us that we definitely wanted to bring a little one into our lives. We had spent a long weekend with Zach’s extended family – which included a total of 5 children under the age of 6, two of which were just 8 and 9 months old. When we came home, that’s all we could talk about! After that, any small child we saw, we just smiled at each other or would say “I hope our kid does that”. It was fun to start dreaming. While dreaming, we starting really talking about when we should start trying to make our dreams a reality. After weighing some things in our lives, we decided that January 2010 would be our starting point.

We started the P90x workout in October – mostly to get ready for our Mexico trip in January, but also to get my body in shape for carrying a baby. I have always been healthy, but we thought this little workout (okay, really hard workout) would get me going in the right direction. By January we had some great beach-bodies for our trip and I felt very healthy! January was a fun month because of our Mexico trip, but once January was over and I wasn’t pregnant, we were a little disappointed. We knew it’d only be our first month to try, but after waiting to even start trying, we wanted a baby, badly.

February came along and we tried again. One Sunday night I took my first pregnancy test ever and as we stared at plus sign appear we both didn’t believe it. It was like there was something in both of our heads saying “a little piece of plastic can’t tell you news this big!” I jumped up and down for a little bit, but it still did not seem real! The next day, I called my OB and because they don’t see women until they are 8 weeks pregnant we decided to go see my primary care physician that day, and then go to the OB 4 weeks from then! I’m pretty sure that they used the same kind of test at the doctor’s office that I took at home – but having the reassurance from someone in a white coat made it all the more real! We asked quite a few questions to get us started on this path of pregnancy, at least enough to get us to the 8-week mark and the first meeting with my OB. We told our parents, but made the decision to keep the pregnancy quite until the 12-week appointment when we would have our first ultrasound.

From week 4 to week 14, here’s a little summary of how I felt.

Week 4-6: I was starting to feel pretty tired, but not until the end of week 6 did I realize I was that tired when I actually turned down a ski day because I knew I’d be up to doing one run and be exhausted. We took a picture of my belly for a before/after comparison (I had some great P90x abs):


Week 6-7: I was nauseous, all day long. I heard that if you eat a little something constantly, you don’t feel so sick. So I ate, all day long. I had a year’s worth of dry carbs like saltines, pretzels, cereal, rice cakes. I tried to still eat fruit when I could and get my other nutrients. I took a bowl of grapes to work and would eat two or three every five minutes. Luckily I never actually got sick. My biggest worry was having to run to the bathroom from my desk – which is right in the middle of a very long hallway with a bathroom on the far ends of the hallway – I could probably run to the bathroom in just under a minute – but that is not enough time to get there safely! But I never had to experience that.

Week 8-9: I was still tired, but the nauseous feelings went away for the most part. I’d feel yucky maybe once a day. That was a welcome change to the weeks before.

Week 10-11: I got a really bad cold. This was probably the worst cold I’d ever had. On top of that, I couldn’t take any medicine! I usually react poorly to adult cold medicine – I always have, but not being able to take anything to ease the symptoms was brutal. So I fought the cold for a whole week, and didn’t go to work at all – I’ve never missed a week at work! By the end of the 2nd week I felt human again. I was starting to get a belly, you couldn’t see it with normal clothes on but I was using a rubber band through my button loop to give me a little extra room in my jeans:


Week 12: We had our first ultrasound! See the video below. We took the video camera with us so that we could savor that moment! We were both in awe as our baby appeared on the screen! Our little one had hiccups during the ultrasound. Every few seconds the baby would jump and we just laughed – it was so cute! I thought the lady had “poked” the baby with the ultrasound tool – she just laughed and told us the baby was doing that on its own. The next day, we wore T-Shirts to work to share our news. It was “Take your child to work day” and we wanted everyone to know that we also brought our kid to work! Everyone got a kick out of it!


Here’s the ultrasound video:

Week 13-14: We started sharing the news with family and friends. It was so exciting to tell people our good news and have them be so excited for us! I’ve been a little nauseous, but not too bad. I’m still exhausted. I keep reading that the 2nd trimester is when you lose the nauseous feelings and get your energy back – here’s hoping it really will be a blissful 2nd trimester for me! I’m definitely already showing and have even bought some maternity jeans from “A Pea in the Pod” so that I could be more comfortable.

So, the details that matter most: I am due November 5th. We’ll find out the sex of the baby in June during our 20-week ultrasound. Right now I’m 14 weeks along and will try to do a good job at posting on our blog once a week. We will also post pictures in our Pregnancy Photo Album. We already have all these blog pictures uploaded.

I have a “What to Expect” iPhone app that gives details about me and the baby on a weekly basis (including the size of the baby in comparison to fruit) and then a daily tip. At week 14 the baby is the size of a Navel Orange and it about 4.5 inches long! It’s pretty fun to read what is normal for a pregnancy and then experience it – it’s amazing how a 40-week process is like clock-work for almost everyone!

Zach and I are so excited about this adventure ahead of us. The pregnancy will be a journey in and of itself, but once the baby comes our lives will change for ever and there will be no turning back. We are overwhelmed with feelings for this baby that we haven’t even met yet!

Here’s the week 14 pose:


I added a few widgets to the main page of our blog so you can see how many days until our little one gets here, as well as the size of our baby along the way! Enjoy!

See the photos here: Pregnancy Photo Album