Alpine Slide!


Zach got tickets from work for the Alpine Slide at Heritage Square. We’ve never been and decided Ellie would probably enjoy it! She did great riding up the ski-lift and was saying “weee” and “zooom” the whole way down the slide! It was a big hit! We went down twice, so she could go down once with each of us. It was a beautiful day outside and it wasn’t crowded at all!

Here’s a video we took with Zach’s phone…

We also rode the carousel and she loved it! She still freaks out when we put a penny in the horse at the grocery store (she asks to sit on it, which she loves. Then she asks to turn it on and every time she freaks out and wants me to take her off of it). So the fact that she likes to ride the carousel makes me laugh! She’s so cute!

Ellie has started saying two-syllable words and sounds. It’s been so fun communicating with her lately! Some new words this week include: lap, sit, pull, drop, spill, fell and Ice Cream (before it was just “cream”). She can also differentiate between big and little, tall and short. At bed time she’ll ask for a blanket and then specify the big one or the little one. She understands the directions above and below/under. When we kiss a bobo, she’s say “better, gone gone” saying that the pain is all gone. Also if something isn’t the way she thinks it should be (a floor mat curled up on an object), as soon as we straighten or fix it, she’ll say “better!”

Ellie can also say her name now too! I put a sticker on her sippy cup with her name for Bible Study and Nursery days. She pointed to it on Wednesday and I said “that’s your name, Ellie Scholz” and she repeated “Eh Schoz”… then she repeated it the rest of the day! Here’s a video of her saying it twice, I wanted to get a better video of her face but I really loved how she was talking while standing on her head – she does that all the time!

This kid has finally decided that she likes (loves) brushing her teeth. She’ll run into the bathroom, get up on her step-stool and open the drawer for her toothbrush. She has two different toothbrushes because we were trying different things to get her to brush her teeth – so now she likes to use both at the same time. I don’t mind, as long as she actually attempts to brush her teeth (it was a long time coming)!

Ellie just loves playing in the pantry these days – I love this look on her face as she arranges things the way she wants:


I scratched my leg the other night on the concrete outside – Ellie was so worried about it and if I was sad. I had to reassure her that I was ok. The next day she remembered it and wanted to clean it. I gave her a baby wipe and she rubbed my scratch – it stung SO BAD, but I let her keep doing it, hoping she would think it made my scratch better. A few days later, she’s still talking about it!

We had a wonderful week – although we’ve had our fair share of tantrums and melt-downs. It’s amazing how life can be just peachy and the next moment she’s bawling and upset. It’s a very interesting stage! She’s so sweet and loving but can be such a stinker at the same time!

Oh, here’s one more video from the week – Ellie stood on a step stool and decided she should count to three and jump off…. and then wanted us to clap for her!

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I had my 28-week prenatal appointment this week. I’ve gained about 20 pounds so far and the doctor is pleased with my weight gain. My belly is measuring perfect for 28-weeks! I was a little worried after being sick in Hawaii, but all seems to be going along just fine! I had to take my glucose test, which wasn’t terrible, I dreaded it more than I needed to! We should hear the results from that test this week. This baby boy moves all the time and we can’t wait to meet him!