9 Months!


I know every parent says it, and I’ve said it a bunch already… but I just can’t help saying it again and again: Where has the time gone? I can’t believe Ellie is 9 MONTHS old already!

Lately she’s made lots of strides (almost literally):

  • She crawls backwards very quickly. She hasn’t quite figured out that she could crawl backward to get to where she wants to go. Hopefully she’ll learn to crawl forward before she figures out that backward is good enough! She lunges forward to reach for things, but can’t quite get the motion of moving arms and knees. When she goes backwards, it’s her arms doing the majority of the work – pushing herself backwards.
  • She can very easily go back into a seated position from her belly. She’ll use this technique when she gets stuck and wants to get out of her predicament. Then she’ll scoot around and then do some rolling. It’s so fun watching her move all over the place.

  • Sometimes she will get stuck in places that she can’t get out of… in this case, she got stuck under the chair last week:

  • She also likes to kick things that are in her way – the couch or wall – hopefully she’s not a destructive kid later on in life…
  • She talks SO MUCH now… still no real words but she says ah, ba, da, ga la, ma and oh. Even when I get up with her in the middle of the night, she’s just chatting away. In the morning when she wakes up, she’ll chit chat to herself until I go get her. I love hearing all those sweet noises!
  • She screams a lot… she’s not upset, but she’ll just be playing and all of the sudden “ahhh!” so loud. She’ll do this in restaurants and stores too. It’s embarrassing and I know it disturbs people when we’re out and about… but I can’t figure out how to help her NOT do that. She’s just excited and without the words to express it, she just SCREAMS! It’s just brief and loud – not a constant scream. It’s repetitive maybe every 30 seconds to a few minutes – depending on how excited she gets.
  • She’s starting to really warm up to people… it will take her a few minutes when people stare at her… but then she smiles back and starts flirting with them. It’s a lot of fun to watch her interact with others!

  • She loves standing up! Sometimes if I’m trying to sit her on the floor to play, she will stretch out her legs and lock them so she can’t sit down. When she does that, I just hold her in a standing position for a little bit until she gets tired of standing up. Pretty soon she will be pulling up on the couch!

  • Bath time is so much fun in the big tub now! She moves all over the place. She tries to pull up on the side or the down-spout.

  • Changing her diaper and clothes is getting really difficult these days! She wants to roll all over the place and get up on her knees on the changing table! If I give her something to play with she stays still – at least long enough to get her diaper snapped – then I can get her clothes on while she’s wiggling around.

  • She just out-grew all her 9 month sleepers… her bulky diaper makes things tighter quicker. We went and bought quite a few 12-month sleepers this week from Carter’s.

  • Ellie just got her second tooth! To the left of her first tooth. She didn’t have any teething symptoms! What a champ!

  • Ellie has been waking up a little more often the past few nights – like every two hours. I heard that when babies learn new tricks (in this case crawling and babbling) that they wake up more often because they want to keep working on their tricks! Every time I go in there when she’s crying, she’s up her hands and knees. It’s really cute – but at midnight, 2am and 4am – it’s getting a little tiring!

What a girl! She’s just so much fun!


Check out all of this week’s pictures in the July 2011 album.  Make sure to go to the second page – there are lots of photos this month!

Zach’s buddy, Dave, was here this weekend. We had a great time just hanging out and visiting. We took him to Casa Bonita – Ellie’s first time too. We also went to a concert at Red Rocks. Ellie loved Dave too! She was a good baby with all the running around we did.