7 Months!


Another month has gone by and our sweet Eleanor Grace just keeps amazing us! She just melts our hearts with every little face she makes!


This week we kept trying oatmeal and various baby food – she did NOT like the carrots, so we shelved them for later on. She liked sweet potatoes the first night, but then didn’t really care for them the next few nights. We tried pears tonight and she was more excited about it – but still didn’t eat as much as I had hoped. I have a wide range of stage 1 baby food to try over the next few weeks. Once we have established what foods she likes, then I will start making home-made baby food.

Now that Ellie is sitting up so well, she is starting to become more mobile while sitting up – if she’s sitting in my lap, she will try to reach for something and almost fall out of my lap…. so now I have to hold on to her better! She also loves to grab at lots of things near her. She pulled a cup full of soda onto her lap the other night… mommy & daddy are going to learn pretty quickly how far to keep things away from her! She started doing a little bouncy move with her whole body when she’s sitting in a high-chair… it just tickles us so much when she does it!

I love watching her sit and play with her toys! She has started making more fun faces – she’s so expressive!


She likes to sleep on her belly now and has started to be more comfortable on her belly when she wakes up. Last week she was waking up 4 to 5 times a night on her belly and was not a happy camper – this week she’s only been waking up twice a night, so I think she’s getting used to being on her belly. Even tummy time has been a little more productive lately!


The weather was nice a couple of days last week and Ellie got to enjoy sitting in the grass and swinging in the hammock. Gigi also put her in a bucket-infant swing at the park for the first time – she liked it! The weather is supposed to be nice this week, so hopefully she’ll get lots of fun time outside again.


We took Ellie on her first road-trip this week… you can read all about that on the Topeka Trip blog entry.

Here’s the best news of the week: SHE CUT A TOOTH! While we were in Topeka she was chewing on my finger one night at dinner and I felt that razor-sharp tooth! I was SO surprised! She had been chewing on toys like crazy, but she hadn’t been fussy or anything! It’s a bottom-middle tooth. Yeah! How exciting! We hope the others come in just as easily!!

Check out this week’s pictures in the May 2011 album.