56 Miles Later…

We took no photos today... but this is the one I decided to post anyway - our bikes.... it wasn’t their fault we decided to ride 56 miles!... they just went along for the ride :)
We took no photos today… but this is the one I decided to post anyway – our bikes…. it wasn’t their fault we decided to ride 56 miles!… they just went along for the ride 🙂

We’re exhausted!

So you remember we bought our bikes last July. We got to ride around the area, we drove to down town Denver a few times and even to work a few days. Well this year, we’ve gone riding 3 times so far. We rode way back in late February on a REALLY NICE day… we didn’t go very far – just around Highlands Ranch.

On Friday, we decided it was finally bike-riding weather and we rode to one of the Highlands Ranch rec centers and back. It was a 9 mile ride – total. I was tired because it was the first time really getting back on the bike in a while. The next day, we were a little sore, but not bad!

Today, it was a beautiful day again and we decided we’d take on the 42 mile round-trip ride to down town Denver. The trail is pretty flat and not too difficult, just a long ride. Usually when we get down town, we stop at REI and sit on the porch and drink a nice cold iced tea from Starbucks and then head back home – the same way. Today we decided to take another trail. It was one we’d talked about doing before, but never did. So we left REI and started on the trail. It was a nice ride, nothing too difficult. The trail weaved around A LOT and we rode past Cherry Creek, through Cherry Hills and through Greenwood Village. We saw some gorgeous homes riding on the back trails… houses we would not have seen if we hadn’t of taken that trail! The trail was weaving so much that we realized it was going to be a much longer ride if we didn’t do something to get off the trail… so when we crossed Colorado Blvd, we jumped on that and rode it to Highlands Ranch, and then to Wildcat… just past the rec center we went to on Friday!

And, 56 miles later, we were finally reaching our house in Highlands Ranch and the sun was setting! Beautiful sunset! We were gone from the house for 6 hours! We rode 4 and a half hours of that time and 56 miles later – we’re exhausted.

Wednesday is Bike-to-Work day… I’m not sure if we’re going to do that… it may be a week before we want to get back on a bike again!!! We’re SO sore! It was only 14 miles farther than we’d planned on doing today – but those extra 14 miles just about broke us! haha!! And the fact that our ride today was six-times longer than our ride on Friday… I can safely say that we out-did ourselves!

Have a good week!