5 Weeks Old


Ellie is 5 weeks old today! She has outgrown her newborn sleepers! When we first brought her home, she was so tiny that all the 0-3 month sleepers were so huge… so we went and picked up some newborn sized sleepers that fit her better. But yesterday I folded up those newborn sleepers and put them in a box. It was kind of sad – it meant my baby is growing up! It was also exciting because my baby is growing up! It’s so funny that I can feel two completely different emotions for one “event”!

Here are some things we’ve noticed this week:

  • Ellie can track things with her eyes now. The last few weeks, she would start at the fan or corners of the room… now she watches people and tracks where they move.

  • Ellie is starting to smile more now. In the beginning she smiled a lot – I think that was just her demeanor. Now, she’ll smile at things we say and ways we inflect our voices.

  • She has a very long tongue and likes to stick it out a lot

  • In the morning, when she starts to wake up, she starts to make noises to  so I unswaddle her and give her about 10-20 minutes to stretch and wake up – it’s SO cute. Then she’s happy and ready to eat! She must be a lot like her dad – Zach needs lots of time to wake up completely.

  • She still grunts a lot (this is her way of cooing… it just sounds so funny), but she has gotten an “ah” or “oh” out a few times this week.

  • She is really starting to love her baths.


I can’t get enough of her! I love to watch her – every moment! I take so many pictures of her during the day. In this one position, I took about 30 pictures! (There’s that tongue again)


She seems so strong! She moves her head around so much and when she does tummy time she can push against our hands to move across the floor pretty easily. When I put a onesie over her head, she’ll push her hands up and usually get at least one hand into the arm hole at her first try (though she has no idea what she’s doing)!

She’s an overall happy baby! Her evening fussiness has seemed to subside a bit (might just be her current phase). She does get fussy sometimes when her tummy hurts. We can usually tell when it is her tummy that’s the problem and not just her being fussy. It makes me sad to see her hurting. I’ll usually help put some resistance against her feet and push her knees up to her chest. That usually helps her get out what is hurting. If she’s being fussy or her tummy is hurting, we give her some Gripe Water and that helps A LOT! We’re so thankful for Gripe Water and I think Ellie is too!

My one concern so far… sometimes she can throw up what seems to be her entire meal! She’s done that almost every day this week. And only a few other times the first four weeks. She never seems upset when she throws up (before or after) – which I’ve read people call a “Happy Spitter”, but sometimes if she’s on her back she’ll choke a little bit and that’s scary! I did some research today to see if maybe there’s something we can do to help her or if it’s just the way she is. She doesn’t seem to have GERD because she really isn’t fussy when this happens. It may be something that I’m eating (my guess is dairy), so I’m going to start a food journal and see if I can pinpoint what might be a problem. She’s seemed congested since week 1 and I read today that persistent congestion can be another symptom that your baby is sensitive to something you’re eating. I’ll work on that this week and see what happens.

Oh, and the biggest excitement of the week…nighttime sleep!!! Friday night, we let Ellie sleep in the swing all night long (gently rocking her). She LOVES to be held and has a hard time sleeping in her crib, swaddled on her back. We can’t unswaddle her at night because her arms wake herself up… and of course we can’t lay her on her stomach. If she falls asleep in our arms, as soon as we lay her down she wakes up and is uncomfortable. So for now, we’re going to try the swing to see if we can help her get better sleep until she’s a little bigger (maybe a few weeks). So, Friday night, she went 3.5 hours between feedings and did not wake up in between!! Before, she’d wake to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours, but she’d also wake up one or two times in between each feeding as well. This was not good nighttime rest for her (or for me!). Then, last night I fed her at 11pm and then at 4:30am! She started to stir around 2:30 but by the time I got up to check on her, she was already back asleep. Then I woke up at 3:30 to make sure she was still okay and she was sound asleep! 5.5 hours!! I can definitely do that! By 7:30 this morning, she was hungry again… but boy was it a happy morning for me!

We’re still not on a consistent schedule. For now I just let her run the show. I can usually predict when she’s going to be hungry next, so we just go with the flow and remain flexible. She sometimes wants to eat every 2 hours during the day, but sometimes can go every 3 hours. Whether it’s 2 or 3 hours – it’s usually right on the dot. Yesterday I was at the store and texted Zach to let him know it had been 2 hours since Ellie ate, just to warn him that she might get fussy and I’d be home in about 10 minutes. Within 2 minutes of that text, she woke up and was hungry! It’s pretty amazing to me!

I track all of her feedings and diaper changes on an app on my iPhone, which helps me doing some of that predicting. So right now, if we don’t have a consistent schedule, my app tracking is good enough for me! I am working on establishing a first feeding. Between 7am and 8am every day I make sure to get her up and start her day. I think this is the best thing I can be doing so far! Also, during the day if I want to feed her a little before she is waking up to tell us she’s hungry, for a scheduling reason, I can easily start to stir her and about 10-15 minutes later she’s ready to eat! I think things are going pretty good when it comes to her nursing!!

On Friday, I was able to clean the house while Ellie took her morning nap in her swing! It was a great feeling to be able to get so much accomplished while she napped! I was even able to vacuum under her while she slept – my baby is going to learn to sleep anywhere and with any noise! I took Ellie next door Friday afternoon so Zach’s mom could spend some time with her. At least one afternoon each week, Zach’s mom will watch Ellie while I take a nap. Usually Ellie naps in her arms the whole time she’s next door, but it gives me the opportunity for an uninterrupted nap – which is much needed!

We had our Young Married Class Christmas party last night. My parents came up to watch Ellie. Before we left, we put Ellie in a really cute Christmas outfit to take a picture. She won’t wear that outfit again though – it was really complicated to dress her in it and I don’t want to put her through that again! It made for a great picture though!


We had a fun time at the party and Ellie got some good Grammy & Papa time!

Today we’re having a lazy Sunday… right now Ellie is asleep on my chest while I’m typing this… such sweet moments! I love being Ellie’s mom!!!

Here’s the link to this week’s pictures in the December 2010 album.