5 Months Old!


I can’t believe that our baby is 5 months old already. It only seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital!

We’ve been trying to feed her rice cereal – she’s interested, but she just doesn’t get any of it down. When it gets on her tongue, she gags, so we still have a ways to go. She really likes to hold the spoon herself. We will keep trying a few nights a week and eventually she’ll actually end up eating some of it!

Ellie loves to pull her sock off of her right foot. I have to keep a close eye on her foot when we’re out and about so we don’t lose socks as she pulls them off. We almost lost one at the grocery store this week 🙂 She’s also getting really close to getting her right foot in her mouth. When we take off her diaper, it’s the first thing she does – grab her foot and pull it to her mouth. She’s go about an inch to go before her toes touch her mouth.

Ellie’s favorite toy right now is her Granimals book. It makes crinkly noises and she loves to suck on it. It’s so cute! When playing with her taggies ball, she will try to reach for it after it rolls off of her belly – she’ll lift her head and start to lift her back up to reach for it. It’s amazing how strong she’s getting.


She loves smiling at everything now…. we can make silly faces to get a good reaction out of her. When she gets the hiccups, she’ll start talking a lot – almost like she’s trying to talk them out of her!

Friday we went for a nice walk outside – Ellie loves going for walks. We worked outside for a little bit – and Ellie sat in the jogging stroller and watched us. Saturday we worked outside while Ellie napped. The weather was so beautiful on Friday and Saturday… then it snowed on Sunday…. that’s Colorado!


Ellie has started pinching a lot. She definitely doesn’t understand the word “no” – so it’s really hard to get her to understand what she’s doing. Ah… parenthood 🙂

We weighed Ellie yesterday on our scale – she’s at 13 lbs. 12 oz! She’s gained a little over a pound since her 4-month appointment!

Ellie is such a happy baby. Now that we’ve figured out (for now) what was making her so unhappy during the day (she was not hungry because she ate so much at night) she’s been doing so much better! We’re working on trying to get her past the first 45-minute wake-up during bed time. We’ll let her cry for a bit, go in and calm her without picking her up, then let her cry some more – that will go on for an hour, but eventually she’ll fall asleep. So far in doing this technique, she will then sleep for 4 hours, then wake up every 3 hours after that. Honestly 3 and 4 hour stretches aren’t that bad compared to the 1-2 hours that I’d been used to. Eventually we’ll work on stretching those 3-4 hour stretches longer… it just takes time for each new thing we try.


Loving our happy baby… here’s a link to a new album – starting off her 6th month!  April 2011 album.