36 Weeks and October Celebrations

36-week belly
36-week belly

This week we’re at 36 weeks… only 4 more weeks until our due date!! Last weekend I got a cold, after Zach had it for a few days. This wasn’t as bad as the cold I had in my first few weeks of pregnancy – so that’s good. This weekend I’ve been trying to finally get over this!

October is always a month of celebrations because our Anniversary is on the 5th and my birthday is on the 10th.

Tuesday was our 3rd anniversary… since I was sick, we had a typical dinner – saving a special meal for this weekend. Zach got me a beautiful bracelet for our anniversary. Leather is the traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary, so he got me a leather bracelet with pearls. He wanted to get me pearls for our daughter’s birth – so this was the perfect gift!

Saturday we had breakfast at Toast – a really popular breakfast place in Littleton. We love that place but don’t go there very often because they’re always so busy… but it was a special occasion! I had Chai Tea French Toast – it was amazing!

Today was my 29th birthday. We took it easy today so I can continue to get over this cold. It was still a special day because we got to be together all day. Sunday night we had a nice dinner with our small group. One of our friends wanted to do a Raclette dinner at their place – so we went and had a great time. They even had a cake for me, complete with candles – I don’t know when the last time was that I blew out birthday candles!

We’re still doing some minor preparations at home to prepare for this baby girl! This weekend Zach installed a whole-house humidifier and a new thermostat – something we’ve been talking about doing, but figured now would be a good time to get it done!

We have a busy week ahead of us – with something almost every night of the week, plus a busy work schedule for both of us… just counting down the weeks though!