30 Weeks

30 week belly -- just keeps growing!
30 week belly — just keeps growing!

Here we are at 30 weeks…. my belly keeps growing and I feel kicks more and more! I was in a meeting this past week and I felt her poking me in the ribs… but I couldn’t jump or react to the pain because I was in a meeting. So I just gently pushed on the top of my belly to try and get her to stop. It lasted about a minute. That’s a long minute when you’re trying to remain clam!


We started our first childbirth class last week. It’s a 10-week course with three other couples. We really enjoyed it and I’m so thankful to be going to a class where we can get some good instruction! We learned some exercises that I need to be doing to prepare me for labor and we started doing those each day. I also found out I should be eating 70-80 grams of protein a day. She gave us a piece of paper to track our protein intake for the next 6 weeks. Obviously I need to keep that up until the baby is born, but if I try to maintain that amount in my diet for 6 weeks, I’ll continue that until our little girl is here. So far there are only a few changes in my current diet we think I need to make to maintain a good protein intake, which isn’t bad. I’ve never counted calories or carbs or anything in my diet before, so this is definitely new for me… but our little girl’s health is worth it!

We “interviewed” a pediatrician a few weeks ago. Both Robyn and Missy told us about two doctors at one facility that they both liked. When I called to see about meeting with them only one was available at the time for pre-baby meetings, so we met with him. We just loved this doctor! He was so sweet and kind and he’s been working in pediatrics for almost as long as I’ve been alive! It was a great experience and so comforting to know that we now have our pediatrician for our little girl when she arrives!

We finished the nursery closet today! It didn’t take very long to get everything installed and now I have a place to put everything. After our shower in September, I’ll be able to put everything away where it should go. It’s so exciting to finally have just about everything done in the nursery!!

I’m growing more and more comfortable in the evenings, but it’s not terrible. I’ve still really enjoyed the adventure of being pregnant and can’t wait to be a mommy!!