3 Months Old


Ellie is three months old… where has the time gone? I was just thinking the other night how tiny she was those first few weeks. She’s still so small, but she’s grown so much! Ellie has really started cooing a whole bunch more lately, it’s adorable! Although she does it more often now, I still haven’t gotten it on video! She’s so fascinated with the black thing looking at her that she just stops and stares at it! Oh well, sometime we’ll get it on video! She sat in her Bumbo more this week but still can’t really hold her head up too much. Zach and I roll her from side to side when she’s on her back to see if she’ll try to roll over… no desire to do that yet. Tummy time is still all about sucking on the blanket, but she does use her strong legs to push her bottom up… no progress on her upper body yet.



She now weighs 11 lbs. — so we took the newborn insert out of the car carrier. We also retired the Lil’ Joey diapers and officially moved into the regular sized Rumparooz. She had been sleeping in the Rumparooz for a few weeks – because if she slept through the night, she wouldn’t soak through them. Too often she’ll completely soak through a Lil’ Joey and we go through so many outfits in one day… thus time to move on! The Rumparooz are pretty big on her, but they are still so adorable. We have 26 of the Rumparooz, so I only have to wash them every other day… which is fantastic although the laundry takes more time – it’s quite the process! To wash them I have to pull the inside liner out and unsnap them (they are snapped to the smallest size right now… I fear that if I left them snapped then poo would get stuck in the folds when going through the washer). They take less time to dry because the bulk is separated – so that’s nice. After I pull them out of the dryer, it takes a good 30 minutes to snap them to the correct size and tuck the inserts back in. I am so happy with our diapers though… the little bit of extra work is worth it!

We moved bedtime between 7:00 and 8:00pm this week. When Ellie was first home, I think we tried a few nights to get in bed by 7 or 8 — that seemed reasonable for a baby! Well, best laid plans… she would never go down so eventually we just worked out a 9:00 to 10:00pm bedtime. That seemed to go fine for a while, but then it was starting to become impossible to wake her up in the morning before I headed off to work. She needed more sleep… and I wasn’t sure how an earlier bedtime would mess with her sleep habits. Prior to the new bed time, she would wake up at 3:30am almost every day. If she didn’t wake up at 3:30, then she would sleep through the night. Of course, she hasn’t yet slept through the night on a night before I go to work — it’s as if she knows I NEED her to sleep better! 3:30am was a really hard time for me – I would go back to bed after feeding her, but it just wasn’t enough time to get back into a deep sleep before the alarm clock went off. Not to mention the days I didn’t work I was not in to waking up early to get our day going so she’d have a consistent morning feeding each day… I wanted to sleep in after getting up at 3:30 — as much as 7:30 or 8:00am can be considered sleeping in (gone are the days of sleeping in until 10 or 11am!). I’m not sure why I was afraid that changing her bedtime would change she sleeping habits — she didn’t have any good ones yet!

A friend of mine said that if she’s getting fussy around 8pm every night maybe that’s when she needs to go to bed! What a novel idea!! After she said that, I wondered why we didn’t realize that earlier… it’s been going on for 12 weeks. Then I remembered we were going off the assumption that she wouldn’t go to bed early – since she started off that way. So to change things up, we gave it a try. Fed and in bed before 8pm and life is good! Sometimes she takes a little longer to eat and we get too close to 8pm and a meltdown happens before she falls asleep… oops! So now we put her in a sleeper and Sleepsack by 7:15, at the latest and start the feeding routine — that way she is definitely asleep before 8! Then Zach and I actually get to have the evening to ourselves – adult time! Wow! It’s so great to get to spend some time with just the two us. How about those sleep habits? I go in around 10:00 or 10:30pm and give her a little dream feeding. Usually she is still asleep, but gets a good snack to keep her sleeping a little longer. If she eats well during the day, she’ll still wake up around 1:30 or 2:00am… then sleep until morning – making it MUCH easier to get her fed before I head to work! If she eats poorly during the day, she may wake up twice — but that doesn’t happen too often. Yesterday, on a Saturday, she woke up at 6:45am — that’s a great habit because that’s the time I need to feed her on days I go to work. If she can get into a 6:45 habit every day, I’ll be happy. Gosh, who would have thought that 6:45am and “happy” would be in my vocabulary – together! Life with a baby! 🙂


….. And just when we thought we had it figured out…. I wrote the above blog post yesterday… in the course of 24 hours – Ellie’s eating habits became the most stressful thing yet! She wouldn’t eat – she would just scream when I try to feed her. We had a few struggles with that this week (one time with a bottle she was very stubborn while I was at work), just one feeding here and there that she would fuss at, but eventually she would eat. Well, starting last night – it was the biggest fight… I’ve tried different positions and nothing works. After trying to do some research – we found lots of different possibilities none of which work as a solution! We tried everything today. She eventually took a bottle twice today (one time from me – that was the first bottle I’ve given her). Tonight when putting her to bed she was SO upset — I think she was starving… she eventually ate from me for a while. I just can’t figure it out – she’ll eat from me when she’s starving. What a stressful day!! I will probably take her to the doctor AGAIN tomorrow to see if he can tell me anything. She’s still congested, so that adds to the problems! I’m hoping he can do more tests. Then I’ll go to Nourish Family Center to see if the lactation consultant can help me! If you think about it, please pray for us!

What a stressful day it has been… at this point I’m just glad she will take a bottle of my milk because at least she is eating… plus she’s still eating the best thing for her. I feel defeated and rejected.

Despite the frustration and the screams, Ellie is as happy as can be (the rest of the time) and is just cooing up a storm! It sure is nice to hear those coos – warms my heart!

Here’s the link to some more of this week’s favorite pictures in our album:  January 2011 album. I have too many pictures in the album, so make sure to go to the second page to see the pictures from this week!