22 Week Papaya

Here’s a Papaya that is about the same size as our little girl!
Here’s a Papaya that is about the same size as our little girl!

This past week flew by quite fast! Zach was in Arizona most of the week and returned home to a baby that was kicking me quite a bit! It took a few days and a little bit of patience, but we finally had a few times in one day where he could put his hand on my belly and feel his daughter kick! It was very exciting for him to be able to feel that. Her big movements were all on the 4th of July! Maybe that will be her favorite holiday!

From weeks 21 to 24, our baby is about the size of a Papaya. We found this papaya while at the grocery store last night and thought it was pretty crazy how closely the papaya resembled the size of my belly! The papaya was about 3 pounds, and our littler girl is only about a pound right now.


We’ve read that in the next 4 weeks, she’ll double in weight! She’s growing like crazy and it’s so exciting to keep seeing my belly grow!

We have another ultrasound on Thursday! During the big ultrasound last time, the lady couldn’t quite measure the spine the way they need to, so we get to have another ultrasound!! I sure love being able to see our little one on the video screen each month – what a blessing!

Today at work I could feel our little girl kicking all the time – I told Zach that she kept me company all day long. It’s such a fun feeling… I just love it. I know eventually she’ll be kicking my ribs and other organs and probably causing some pain… but I sure love each week the more I can feel her!