20 Months!


Ellie is officially 20 months old! Four more months and she’ll be TWO!! This sweet little girl is just so much fun! She makes us laugh so much and she’s just such a joy to be around!! Don’t get me wrong, she definitely has her moments when she breaks down for “no reason” but I know it’s just her trying to communicate and not understanding how to do so yet!

Lately, when looking at books, she really REALLY wants to hold the thing in the book – a cookie, a bear, a baby, etc. We have to explain that the thing is just in a book and it’s not something she can actually hold. Then she gets frustrated! She asked me to draw a cookie while we were coloring today – then she wanted to pick it up! It was so funny watching her trying to pick up an object drawn on the paper!

With books that we read often, she’s starting to say the last word on the page – before we say the word. Usually if it’s a rhyme, it’s easier for her to do – but either way, it’s really neat to hear her saying all these new words!

The other night she devoured some veggies – this felt like a major first! She never enjoyed any kind of baby food that was a vegetable. Currently, she really seems to only like corn on the cob…. but the other night we had a bag of asian mix steamed veggies and she ate three or four pieces of broccoli! We HAD to take pictures!


She also ate a few little mini corn-cob things and some carrots. We also learned lately (when we get Qdoba) that she loves black beans. She will just pick them up and eat them of off our plates! Sometimes, this is the best protein she gets at meal time!


After I quit nursing Ellie around 18-months, the only way we could get her to drink cow’s milk at nap and bed time is to put Ovaltine in her milk. We also had to switch to a Nalgene sippy-cup that was totally leak proof! Best sippy cups we’ve found! She had been averaging about 4-5 oz. of milk for both nap time and bed time… and we still tried to get her to drink milk (chocolate still) during meal times so that she could get the “recommended” 16-20 oz a day! It seemed pretty difficult to get her to drink that much. Well, a few weeks ago she would just down the milk at nap and bed time and seemed like if there was more, she would drink it. So we started giving her 7, then 8 and now 10 oz. of milk for each nap and bed time! She just gobbles it up! I don’t really try to offer her too much milk during meals any more since she’s drinking so much before bed! I’m pretty sure she’s hitting a growth spurt – and the milk is so good for her!

It’s been really hot the last few weeks, so we pulled the baby pool out last week! She’s not really a fan of sitting in the water – it’s a little too cold… but she loves splashing and playing with cups to pour water out. Though, she did slip and fall – thus forcing her to sit in the pool! She sat there for a bit before needing to stand up again! She has a hard time with bugs or grass getting in the pool – she freaks out and just yells “bug, bug, bug” until I scoop out the “bug” (bug or grass) and she can go back to playing! It’s pretty funny!!


Here’s the most exciting “news” of the week…. today, Ellie was playing with her magnetic farm animals on the fridge while I was getting lunch ready. All of the sudden (without me asking her to) she started counting — one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten! Of course each number wasn’t said perfectly, but you could tell what she was saying… and she skipped seven, she always skips seven. I was amazed! Usually she just counts something one, two… then quits unless we keep helping her. She didn’t do it again no matter how hard I tried to get her to! Wow! That was SO cool!

See this week’s photos in the new July – August 2012 Photo Album.

Nothing big with baby #2 this week – I’ve started getting bad enough indigestion that I had to start taking an acid reducer as opposed to just taking 4-6 Tums a day! I feel baby kicks all the time but still can’t feel them on the outside. We have so much baby gear that we don’t have a lot to do to prepare for this baby, but I still feel like we’re “behind” for some reason. Maybe just because I feel like the first pregnancy was all about preparing for a new baby – for our lives to be flipped upside down. Now, we’re just generally prepared and mostly know what we’re in for — other than the fact that we’ll have two kids to balance… one of them being a toddler that’s going through her terrible 2’s! Ellie’s world is going to be flipped upside down when this baby comes! So maybe it’s all those feelings that make me feel less prepared! Oh well, I won’t stress about it, but just figure out how to get ready for baby #2 the best we can!

As you have all probably heard, Colorado has been plagued with wildfires this month! The one that is nearest and dearest to my heart is the Waldo Canyon Fire. I grew up in Colorado Springs – I grew up hanging out with friends who lived in Mountain Shadows, going to the Flying W Ranch for various youth group events, spending countless hours at Garden of the Gods and going to school soccer games at the Air Force Academy District 20 soccer stadium. Tuesday night, we watched on the news as all of those memories seemed to be burning to the ground! I can’t even imagine what it was like to be THERE – to be in the midst of all that crazy mess! Instead, I was glued to the TV! I felt horrible for all the families that had to leave their homes, unsure if there would be anything to return to! I can’t imagine what that feels like!

As I put Ellie to bed the next few nights, I was SO thankful for our home and all the comforts that allow our little girl to go to bed and get a full night’s rest in her own room with all of her stuffed animals and night lights. What if we had to leave our home and spend many nights at some evacuation center with many others? I can’t imagine it. My heart hurts for all those families.

Everyone that I know that lives in those burned areas had homes that survived the fire! They probably still have a mess to clean up and damage in some form or fashion to their homes – but they have a home to return to! All of the other places that I have memories of, I believe are all still standing – other than the Flying W Ranch, it burned down on Tuesday night.

The firefighters who fought the fires Tuesday night (really, every day and night since last Saturday) did an amazing job – they saved so many houses! We are so thankful to have men and women in the service industry who are willing to risk their lives to help others!