18 Months – Super Goof!


Ellie is 18-months-old! I’m so thankful to have blogged so much over the past year and a half, because it’s just flow by and I feel like I’ve already forgotten so many of the sweet moments!


What a precious doll our sweet Ellie is! She is SO loving these days! She will give us and both sets of grandparents big hugs around the neck and lots of kisses! The only other person she likes to give hugs to is the 6-year-old son (Anson) of some of our good friends. We see him at Bible Study every week and I’ve now seen her hug him twice and it’s so cute – her grabbing onto his legs!

Ellie is such a goof-ball – she runs around the house and is so silly these days and her laughter is just infectious! She also has adapted a “cheesy smile”. I took a few pictures of her in a new hat this week and she was smiling so cheesy it was hilarious! Here are a few pictures, you’ll have to check out the rest of them in the April 2012 album.


I took Ellie to the Doctor on Monday morning after our few rough nights last weekend and she was just fine. No ear infections and nothing in her chest. The Doctor said she might have mild croup and to expect a cold coming this week, but she never got sick and acted just fine. I think maybe it’s been allergies – Zach’s allergies have been bothering him a lot too. So, since she wasn’t sick, we went back to letting her cry at night. When we went to put her down and she did her “nooo!” sweet voice, we stood her in her crib, got down at her eye level and said something like “Ellie it’s time for bed. You can play or lay down, but mama/dada is leaving and you need to go to sleep. I love you, good night.” It sure seemed like she understood what we were saying and she would still cry as we were leaving but then would play in her crib and didn’t fuss too much. I tell you what, just when we think we have something figured out with her at bedtime, it changes! ha!

We take Ellie in for her 18-month check-up on Wednesday. I’m sure she’ll do just fine because when we were there last week she didn’t fuss or scream or anything! It was amazing! We’ll see how shots go though!


We worked on our fence this weekend! We got all 35 posts set – nice and level. Zach will probably try to put up a few sections of stringers and pickets each night after work to finish the job. It was exhausting this weekend, but we’re so proud of all the hard work we put into our yard! Whew! It’s time for bed!