15 Months!


Ellie had her 15 month check-up last Monday. She got two shots – which of course forced her into a screaming fit but other than a small bruise she had no reaction otherwise. She weighed in at 19 pounds – putting her in the 3rd percentile! She’s 29 inches tall, which is the 29th percentile. Her head is still on the top of the charts – 18.5 inches and 85th percentile.


We’ve been letting Ellie try to feed herself more at dinner time – typically trying to keep her a kind of mess-free during breakfast and lunch time… I don’t want to have to give her three baths a day!


The other night we gave her the jar of Mango and let her go to town. Here’s a video of the mess and her super-cute expressions… I love how she says “gone!” when it’s all gone!

It started snowing Thursday night and kept snowing until Saturday morning… after all was said and done we had over a foot of snow, might have been more. Zach worked from home on Friday – it was nice to have him here! Ellie enjoyed watching a show sitting beside her daddy!


We ran a few errands on Saturday afternoon – we were getting a little stir-crazy at the house. Saturday evening, we were in Best Buy and letting Ellie wander around. Ellie has had a bit of trouble being “constrained” lately (i.e. she doesn’t want to be held for long periods of time, or doesn’t want to be in a stroller or in a shopping cart…) so to mitigate this problem, we let her walk around the store and just follow her around. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” came on the store speakers, she stopped in the middle of a big aisle and started bouncing and dancing – more than she ever has! It was so cute! I’m disappointed we didn’t get it on video… but there will definitely be more opportunities for her to do it again.

We bought a big pad of paper and some Crayons and Markers at Target this weekend. We probably won’t use the Markers for a while, but Ellie is pretty happy with the Crayons! Of course she’d rather eat them than color with them… we have a ways to go! 🙂


Ellie has done GREAT taking naps in her crib! Grandmas got her to nap in her crib on Tuesday and Thursday last week… I think we’re so close to losing the swing! Some days she naps in a sleepsack and some days we put her in a fleece sleeper… today we found her like this after her nap:



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We had our pre-drywall walk-through on Monday with our builder – we’ve brought up issues as they arise so there weren’t any new issues noted. They installed the insulation and then started the drywall a day later. We went by today and almost all the drywall is complete! It looks so good!  The outside still looks the same, so we didn’t take any new pictures.