14 Months!


Today Ellie is 14 months old! She looks less and less like a baby each day! She is such a blast!

The fourth molar we were waiting on finally came in this past week – so now she has a total of 8 teeth! The molars have really helped her eat a lot more! She loves eating grapes and chicken. She’ll eat chicken in any form – even chicken wings!


We’ve tried to teach her to say and sign “hot” when we point out something that is hot. She’s getting there. She now says “uh” when she wants to be picked up. Some times she’ll say “uh” when she wants to get down… so we have a ways to go. She also says “uh” or “dow” when she sees stairs. At my parents house last weekend, she went crazy any time the grandfather clock chimed and then would say “ca” for the clock. After it would do it’s chime for a while, she would say “dong”! Any time she sees other clocks she’ll say “ca”! She loves to say “mmmm” when she sees a cow. It’s so cool to see her picking up new words.

One of Ellie’s new books has a page where the baby in the book is clapping – when we get to that page, she claps and smiles so big! She’s also started bouncing more and more when she hears music or singing. We’ll have to get it on video one of these days! When she burps or toots (or if someone else does) she covers her mouth and makes an “uh-oh” face! It’s adorable! She’ll even do it if she hears the noise on the TV!

Ellie is getting so good at following (some) directions… she can place items in a bucket or bin. She will bring us a book (of her choice) if we ask her to. She still tries to drop food off her tray, but we can try to stop her and tell her to place the food somewhere on the tray – she’ll do it the majority of the time. When we ask her to “come here” when it’s time to get dressed or change her diaper, she does not come! We have to hold something out that she wants and she’ll come to get it – then we grab her! 🙂

Ellie’s hair is getting so long! I had to cut her bangs this week because they kept getting in her eyes. Her hair is so soft and pretty when she gets out of the bathtub…. then it starts to curl in the back… see:


What a sweet girl she is!

With the huge snow we got a few weeks ago, we finally were able to get Ellie out into the snow to “play”… she didn’t really play, but looked so cute in the snow-suit lent to us by some friends:


Here’a little video from her time in the snow:

Ellie had a great Christmas! She had fun pulling wrapping paper off of the packages. She got a ton of books – since she loves reading! She got a fun crawling tunnel from Ikea and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ball Pit! She also got some clothes, a big stuffed puppy dog, fun puzzles, Mega Blocks, an activity piggy bank & a gear machine. She’s got toys to keep her busy for a long time (she still has some toys from her birthday that I haven’t pulled out for her yet)!

Here’s a video of her opening presents:

And here’s one more video from 2011 – Ellie eating Ice Cream! 

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In house news, they’ve pretty much finished the framing and have started the siding on the outside of the house! Moving right along…. Here’s the north side…


And the South and Back sides:


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