11 Months – Sociable Baby!


Ellie has become a super sociable baby – she’s come a long way from the days where she cried any time someone looked at her or got close to her! These days, Ellie watches people any where we are and smiles really big until they look at her. Once they look at her, she just gets so happy! If the stranger stares too long or comes too close, she still gets a little fussy – but it’s so different than before!


This week at church, we went to check on Ellie between class and service – her favorite guy was holding her at the nursery door entry way and she was waving at everyone walking by! It was adorable!! We made sure she didn’t see us – and we just headed to service. She did so great in the nursery again!

We went to lunch after church and while we were waiting for our food, she got pretty fussy. We were trying to keep her entertained so I started playing peek-a-boo under and over the table. It was so cute to have her look under the table, then once I looked under the table, she stood up and laughed once I looked at her over the table! We did that routine like 10 times! It was so fun!

Once we got home from church she took a nap and slept for 3 and a half hours!! We took a nap too! We had small group Sunday night, so the fact that she slept until 5:15 was just fine – she wasn’t going to get to bed until after 9!

Ellie loves copying us – if we shake our arms side to side, she copies us and just goes crazy! We video taped her shaking her arms like that… once we showed her the video, she just laughed and shook her arms more! What a smart girl!


We’ve started a new routine at bath time… we’re typically playing in the living room before bed time, so Zach gets her undressed and then gets her to crawl from the living room to the bathroom. After I give her a bath and get her all dried off, she crawls back towards the kitchen to say goodnight to daddy. She smiles as she crawls, knowing that daddy is right around the corner!

Ellie is also standing for longer and longer every day! She also loves trying to walk while we hold her hands.

Oh, and of course she loves swinging!!!!


Such a happy family!!


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