100 Weeks of Ellie


Every week when I upload Ellie’s photos, I number the weeks. This past week was “week 100”… 100 Weeks with Ellie in our lives! What a journey!!

This week was a lot like last week – so much fun with Ellie and so many frustrating moments also! Since there’s not much to add to that, we’ll just post lots of pictures this week… Check out the photos from this week in the September – October 2012 Photo Album.

This week she randomly said “lig-bub” (light bulb), “yellow tow” (yellow towel) and “pan-try” (it sounded perfectly like pantry). We’ve tried to work on other new words too – usually she’s say them once or twice and then surprised us later with the word we taught her. Love that sweet voice! She still loves saying “no” in response to everything before even thinking about it – it’s silly, but I love hearing her voice when she says “no”, it’s pretty cute! ha!