10 Months!


At 10 months, Ellie’s personality is really budding!

Ellie has become such a goof-ball! When we’re out-and-about, she’ll look at people to see if they’re paying attention to her. When they do look at her, she gets the sweetest smile and tries to flirt with them. When they smile back she just gets so giddy! This could go on for 10-15 minutes if the stranger is willing to flirt with her that long! She loves smiling at everyone! She is much better with folks that stay their distance – if they get too close, she still gets a little fussy.


Ellie’s closet is a full mirror – when we sit in her rocking chair and she notices herself in the mirror she decides she needs to be goofy. She sticks her tongue out and rotates her head side to side and making as much noise as she can… it’s hilarious!

If we put her in her crib and we sit on the side of the crib, she decides it’s play time! She’ll stand up and come to the slats to stick her arms through to reach us. If we get close to the slats, she tries to give us kisses with her tongue. The whole time she just giggles!!

Along with her silly personality, she is still very stubborn! There’s typically no guessing about whether she wants something or not!

Ellie still loves to lick everything – plus now she sticks her tongue out a lot! She looks like a little giraffe!! She’s also started biting a lot! It’s hard to teach her not to bite – so we’ll see how that goes! When we give her Cheerios or Puffs, she actually bites them in half! It’s so cute!

Ellie likes to sit on her knees while playing – I just love watching her play by herself… she is so good at entertaining herself!


We got Ellie some shoes this weekend. Our friends Becky and Max sent us some Robeez in the mail – they are a few sizes too big, so she’ll get to grow into those. We heard that Robeez were the best – so we went and bought some and she got to try them out at the park this weekend!

WIth the changing weather, I pulled all of Ellie’s fall clothes out this weekend – she looks adorable in her little pants. We’re excited to have cooler weather!

We bought our ski passes this weekend – Zach and Me… Ellie has a few more years until she gets to hit the slopes with us!


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